Who I am


Hello Everyone!

My name is Tetyana Mykhalska and I am a certified photo retoucher based in New York specializing in  Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle, Editorial, and more.

Graduated college in 2009 with a degree in Digital Media Arts from TCI College of Technology in New York, where I discovered fundamentals of color theory, composition, lighting, etc., I realize my love for retouching.This is the type of work that I enjoy, so I never get bored from it. I’ve continued improving my skills ever since and seek new information on retouching as well as try new methods and techniques. I am always in a continuous learning process.

Meeting up with great and talented people is a huge benefit to the work that I do and consider myself very lucky that I simply choose where to go and work and then just do it. Mainly the work I am hired for is to perform clean, highly professional and very accurate and detailed retouching, which is exactly what I enjoy doing.

My goal is to get as much out of an image as possible while maintaining the integrity and realism as well as execute the photographer’s vision. I provide high end industry standard retouching services for clients all over the world.


What I do

Retouching Services

  • High quality beauty, fashion, and body retouch
  • Non-destructive style with emphasis on retaining 100% of the natural texture
  • Very detailed and precise pore and skin texture retouching.
  • Skin tone correction
  • Color Correction
  • Eyes, Lips enhancement, teeth whitening
  • Image Restoration
  • Rates depend very much on the original image, particularly lighting, texture detail and skin


Why Hire the Retoucher

  • The best workflow for a photographer is one that saves time and maximizes creativity, isn’t it?
  • Majority of the editing work that photographer need to do can be done by retoucher.
  • This strategy will greatly increase image quality and vastly increase speed of processing.
  • Retoucher removes the boring and tedious portion of the photographer’s workflow.
  • Hiring the retoucher let a photographer to stay focused on shooting, marketing, sales, and creativity


How It Works

Simple Workflow Process

My rates are reasonable, however they depend very much on the original image, particularly lighting, texture detail and skin, also rates vary depending on the amount of time that is required.

  • Please send me the image with a brief description of what you would like to be done as well as deadline. For large files I would recommend Dropbox or WeTransfer services
  • I will send you an estimate for retouching, other wise indicate that retouching is based on my opinion.
  • After a price has been agreed, I will email you progress reports and previews, upon approval
  • I accept payments through Pay Pal
  • Once payment is received, the work will be delivered as a flattened TIFF or JPEG


Need to improve your images?

Get in touch and I just might be able to do it.


I’m currently available for freelance projects.